About Us

City Corners for Import (CCI) started as a retail pharmacy in 2004 founded by Mr. Saleh Al-Qaderi. Our business was expanded to include wholesale distribution besides our retail business activity. Along the way, we acquired extensive experience in the Yemeni pharmaceutical market and achieved remarkable success and experience. In 2008, another two retails pharmacies were opened in Sana’a city and the aim has been to establish a large pharmacy chain.

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Our Vision

CCI aspires to become the market leader by joining hand with innovative and reliable suppliers and making available quality and affordable medicines that would significantly improve people’s life in our country.

Our Mission

To transform the lives of people afflicted by devastating diseases and conditions by providing quality medicines at affordable prices, with the ultimate goal of creating meaningful value in everything we do.


  • Professional Team
  • Proficient Management
  • Our Partners
  • Credit and Trust
  • Vast Knowledge and Experience
  • Passion to Grow
  • Standard of Quality and Service

  • We have a professional team of personnel led by  wise and experienced senior management. Our  team is so ambitious and well trained.
  • Curiosity, inventiveness, and a passion for  excellence. These are qualities that drive our  people to reach the excellency and be market  leaders.
  • Our people receive continues learning programs  to help them face the market challenge and  become market expertise .

OUR Products

  • Paradox Omega Oils Ltd.  (Food supplements)
  • Barros Laboratories Pty. Ltd. (Dental Care Products)
  • We are the local sub-distributors in a number of provinces for a number of international pharmaceutical companies dealing with their local distributors.
  • We are looking for reliable manufacturers in the pharmaceutical field, food supplements and other related fields.

CCI is divided into three main departments, according to the basic functions they have to accomplish:

  • Sales Department includes mainly 1 sales manager, 6 medical  representatives, 4 sales representatives, 2 warehouse employees and 3  employees ensuring the commercial management, stock management  and customs procedure support.
  • Marketing Department includes 1 marketing manager and 2 product  managers (pharmacist with MBA) in charge of the products of our  partners whom we represent in Yemen (market research, registrations  and price approvals, marketing and promotion, public relations,  government relations).
  • Administrative Department includes accounting, finance, IT, quality control, HR, general management and maintenance.